Festive Special Collections

It is that time of the year again, along with the onset of winters November also marks the beginning of the Festive period, it is time to start off the looong holiday which starts from the 1st of November all the way to th 1st Jan (or 4th or the 5th there are no rules). This period is our favourite as it stands for all things we at Fortune believe are the essence of life Friends, family and loved ones, good food, good conversations and overall heart-warming feeling of happiness. We believe the best place to gather around with friends and family is always the Dinner Table and have put in a little thought to help you ensure you have the best possible time accompanied by some good food.


Very few processions encapsulate and capture the essence of togetherness than sitting around a table with an array of dippers and a pot of bubbling cheese in the centre. The kids love it, the grandparents love it, we know you definitely love it too!

Our collection of Alpine cheese give you a perfect blend for a delicious fondue,

  • The Swiss Gruyere offers a nice nutty, buttery flavour along with it’s smooth and velvety texture once melted
  • The Emmenthal another Alpine style cheese offers a slight tang and melts away to give you a smooth bubbly bowl of goodness
  • The Fontal is the third part of our alpine trio which again melts into a smooth creamy mixture and lends a distinct nutty and slightly smooth flavour.

  • All you need are some pantry essentials and the technical knowhow required to master the art of grating cheese, putting it into a saucepan and stirring it while it bubbles away. Add in a bottle of wine (or 2 or 3, like we said there are no rules) and you have a perfect family meal.


    It’s time to bring out the table-top raclette grill and it’s also time to send out the invitations to near and dear ones for a lovely raclette meal.

    We have currently have two options for raclette, a family size 1200 gram block which comes unsliced and we also have convenient single portion sized 200 grams which also come presliced for added convenience.

    Pecorino al Tartufo

    Nothing says luxury and decadence quite like truffle. The gold of the culinary universe adds a touch of class to anything that it is served with and is sure to tantalise your senses with it’s strong and distinctive taste and aroma. Enjoy a young semi-hard sheep milk cheese which is generously infused with truffles, the two-act in perfect symphony and complement each other’s flavour for a taste that can be best described as an experience for your senses.

    Wow your guests and add some serious punch to your cheese board or just take your cacio de pepe up a few notches and turn a weeknight meal into a date night special.

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